Muslim Marriage Celebrant

Hisham Obeid - Perth, Western Australia

Spouse Visas

Bringing your Partner or Fiancé on a Prospective Spouse Visa

Immigration letter for Prospective Spouse Visa

If you are in the process of sponsoring your partner or fiancé to enter Australia under a Prospective Spouse Visa, then one of the requirements is that you provide the Australian Embassy / Consulate or Department of Immigration with a letter stating you have lodged a Notice of Intended Marriage form with an authorised marriage celebrant. I, as an authorised Islamic marriage celebrant, will supply a suitable letter for your visa application along with a copy of Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form. Only one person needs to come to the initial interview to complete the legal forms and sign the documents, the other can sign the documents and fulfil any outstanding legal requirements prior to the wedding.

If both couples are overseas, then all the arrangements can be completed via email, telephone and or post. The only requirement is that you sign and have the Notice of Intended Marriage form witnessed by an authorised person (see the Notice of Intended Marriage for who can witness this) in your country and email or send it to me. I will then send you a letter which you will forward to the Australian Embassy or Consulate that states you have lodged with me the Notice of Intended Marriage. You can then bring your original documents such as birth certificates or an overseas passport with you so these can be sighted by me prior to the ceremony. If either of you have been married before, I will need to see the original divorce papers or death certificate. Please see Legal Requirements and Formalities for more information.

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