Muslim Marriage Celebrant

Hisham Obeid - Perth, Western Australia

About me

I was born in Damascus, Syria and migrated to Perth in 1982. I have seen Perth grow from a small Muslim community and a few Mosques to this flourishing multicultural community of well over 50,000 Muslims with a broad range of services and facilities. We praise All-Mighty Allah for His innumerable blessings on us. After completing my high school education, I started pursuing a diploma in chartered accounting. This was put on hold when I realised the need for religious education and Scholars in Perth, so under the guidance of Sheikh Abbas Ali I set off in pursuit of Islamic knowledge.

I have studied under many eminent scholars in places like The Islamic University of South Africa and The Islamic University of Karachi. I have acquired a Master's Degree in Islamic Studies and a Bachelor's Degree in Arabic, as well as qualifications in counselling and community welfare. I enjoyed playing a community role delivering Friday sermons, running educational classes, Da'wa (propagation of Islam) as well as Islamic and Marriage Counselling. I am an authorised Civil and Islamic Marriage Celebrant with over 14 years' experience, Wal-Humdulillah.